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Extra facial massage

This exceptional anti-aging facial lifts, moisturises, smoothes, plumps and evens the skin. Includes a massage carried out using a roller with a micro-point system, improving the penetration of active ingredients. The results are spectacular: wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, the skin is smoother and firmer.

Specially created for skin that lacks firmness, contour and vitality. Includes a massage carried out using a face sculpting roller to lift the facial muscles. Toning and lifting effects are immediate, the face appears resculpted and radiant with youth.

A skin-renewing treatment to deeply moisturise the skin.
Includes a gentle cleansing and a massage with fresh grapes and recovery essential oil. Restores moisture levels for a healthy, glowing appearance.

Anti-aging treatment

Combining a state-of-the-art ultimate anti-aging facial with a comforting back massage, our latest signature treatment incorporates the power of new technology with the renewing effects of the double peel for an instant replumping effect. Ideal for mature skin with visible signs of aging, this firming treatment stimulates cellular regeneration using the exclusive active lift massage technique to smooth and tone skin. The result is smoother, radiant, more youthful skin.

A unique massage ritual that takes you on a journey through four distinct worlds: the exotic orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India and the ancient culture of desert tribes, for a complete sensorial experience.


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